Written translations

Basic operations of our company are provision of written translations to our customers. Our translators are experienced in translating various legal, technical, and business, medical, scientific or narrow- specialised texts.
Terms of written translation depend on amount, difficulty of a text and source/ target language. In each particular case we strive for being obliging towards wishes of a customer, though considering and explaining real conditions of translating and time required for translation.  
You can submit a text to be translated in printed version, send it by fax or E-mail electronically (if a text is available in electronic format).
Translating websites
We are offering also translation services of websites for firms or companies into different languages with some of the most frequently requested being English and German. Due to experience in translating websites of several public authorities and companies as well as due to collaboration with several advertising and web- design companies, our translators provide professional high- quality translations or proof-reading of  any information and texts to be introduced on website in the term upon mutual agreement with a customer.    
Translating from different data carriers
Apart from printed text format and electronic text format sent by E-mail, you can also submit a text to be translated on various technical data carriers: CD, flash memory etc. if those are not legal documents and do not require notarized translation.
Usually texts are submitted in Word document format whereas in case of different presentations and other formats of materials, we accept materials to be translated in other formats as well (exl, pdf, ppt. etc.).