Bank M2M Europe operates in a high value-added sector - high net worth private wealth management or private banking. Cooperation experience with A&A Translations was commenced in June 2015, when provision of simultaneous translation for M2M Private Banking Academy training was needed, where the Swiss experts with long-term practical experience in the Swiss banking system shared their knowledge with private bankers of Bank M2M Europe. Based on the positive experience, A&A Translations were invited to provide interpreting also for the next two-day Academy course in February 2016.
Cooperation with A&A Translations is professional, structured, and convenient. We especially appreciate timely preparation of the professional interpreters for the event and accuracy of interpreting provided, while submerging into the specific financial industry, capital management, and legal terminology. The interpreters of A&A Translations work intensively, consistently high quality for a full working day. Professional simultaneous interpreting is provided for both learning materials and interactive discussions, by supplementing the dynamics of the event successfully and expressively.
Inese Bērzabinde
Bank M2M Europe HR Manager